Suzanne McAnanama





Polytechnic University, Brooklyn, NY                                    May 2008

Master of Science in Chemistry, GPA 4.0/4.0

Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, PA                          May 2006

Bachelor of Science in Chemistry

French and Francophone Studies minor              

Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (EPFL), Lausanne, Switzerland

Carnegie Mellon University Study Abroad Program         Sep 2004 - July 2005

(most classes taught in French)





Computational: MSWord, Excel, PowerPoint, Mathematica, SolidWorks

Laboratory: Organic synthesis, Kjeldahl analysis, Soxhlet extraction, purification through recrystallization, thin film creation

Instruments: UV-Vis-NIR, FTIR, 1H-NMR, HPLC, TLC, Fluorescence Spectrometry, DLS, SEM, 4-point resistivity probe, spin-coater

Language: conversant in French





Polytechnic University, Brooklyn, NY            May 2007-present


Advisor: Stephen Arnold

-    Unlabelled detection and analysis of Brownian motion using a whispering gallery mode biosensor


Polytechnic University, Brooklyn, NY            Sept 2006-May 2007


Advisor: Victor Barinov

-    Investigated the effects of an applied electric field on electroactive polymers using IR spectroscopy


Swiss Fed. Inst. Of Tech. Chemistry Dept., Lausanne, Switzerland

Research Assistant                                        Sept 2004-Jan 2005

Advisor: Paul Dyson

-    Synthesized ionic liquids

-    Catalyzed ligand replacement to create a Rubidium compound used as an anti-cancer drug in ionic liquids




D. Keng, S. R. McAnanama, I. Teraoka, S. Arnold, “Resonance fluctuations of a whispering gallery mode biosensor by particles undergoing Brownian motion”, Appl. Phys. Lett. 91, 103902 (2007)





Polytechnic University, Brooklyn, NY                       Spring 2007

Teaching Assistant, Analytical Chemistry Lab

-    Taught fundamental skills of analytical instruments such as the UV-Vis and Fluorescence Spectrometers

-    Helped upper-level chemistry students conduct experiments in a laboratory setting


Polytechnic University, Brooklyn, NY                       Fall 2006

Teaching Assistant, General Chemistry Lab

-    Graded homework

-    Helped non-science students conduct experiments in a laboratory setting


Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, PA  Fall 2005

Teaching Assistant, The Color of Minerals and Inorganic Pigments

-    Prepared class materials for an innovative chemistry/art collaborative class in which chemistry principles were applied in order to create art

-    Performed experiments highlighting color chemistry





Public School 16, Staten Island, NY

Volunteer French Teacher                             Fall 2000-Spring 2002

-    Prepared and taught weekly lessons to 2 classes of 30 second-graders (1 class per school year)


Plextronics, Incorporated, Pittsburgh, PA

Synthesis Intern                                                                     Spring 2006

-    Synthesized polyalkylthiophenes for use in semiconductor diodes

-    Created and analyzed thin films of polymers

Research/Analysis Intern                                       Fall 2003-Summer 2004

-    Created thin films of organic polymers for UV-Vis-NIR and surface resistivity analysis, and thickness measurements by way of SEM

-    Developed method of preparing and analyzing polymer samples

-    Conducted research in analysis of different dopants and doping techniques on conductive polymers


United Federation of Teachers, New York City, NY

Summer Intern, Grievance/Communications Depts              Summer 2003

-    Maintained record system

-    Answered and redirected phone calls

-    Researched, prepared and implemented presentations


Staten Island District Attorney’s Office, Staten Island, NY

Summer Intern, Sex Crimes/Special Victims Unit                 Summer 2001

-    Researched legal documents

-    Attended trials

-    Copied and typed documents



Erich-Morawetz Prize                                                                 2007

Pioneers: Booth Chair                                                      03-04, 05-06

   Intramural Sports Chair                                               05-06

Chemistry Student Advisory Council Faculty Relations Chair        05-06

Club Women’s Lacrosse                                                     2002-2004

Carnegie Mellon University Institutional Scholarship                      2002

Girl Scout Gold Award recipient                                                   2002

American Chemical Society Award                                              2000