Iwao Teraoka, Associate Professor


Department of Chemical Engineering, Chemistry, and Materials Science, Polytechnic University

Six Metrotech Center, Brooklyn, New York 11201

: 718-260-3466
fax: 718-260-3125

e-mail: teraoka@poly.edu



Professional Preparation

University of Tokyo                              Applied Physics                                    B.E., 1982

University of Tokyo                              Applied Physics                                    D.E., 1989

IBM Almaden Research Center            Polymer Science                                   1989 – 90

University of Massachusetts                  Polymer Science and Engineering          1990 – 92




1993 –             Assistant Professor (1999– Associate Professor), Department of Chemistry

                        Polytechnic University, Brooklyn, NY.

1986 – 89        Research Associate at the Dept. Applied Physics, University of Tokyo (full-time)




(i) Relevant to the Present Proposal

Protein detection by optical shift of a resonant microcavity. F. Vollmer, D. Braun, A. Libchaber, M. Khoshsima, I. Teraoka, S. Arnold. Appl. Phys. Lett. 80, 4057-4059 (2002).

Shift of Whispering Gallery Modes in Microspheres by Protein Adsorption. S. Arnold, M. Khoshsima, I. Teraoka, S. Holler, F. Vollmer. Opt. Lett. 28, 272-274 (2003).

Perturbation Approach to Resonance Shift of Whispering Galley Modes in a Dielectric Microsphere as a Probe of a Surrounding Medium. I. Teraoka, F. Vollmer, S. Arnold. J. Opt. Soc. Amer. B 20, 1937-1946 (2003).

Multiplexed DNA Detection by Optical Resonances in Microspheres. F. Vollmer, S. Arnold, D. Braun, I. Teraoka, and A. Libchaber, Biophys. J. 85, 1974-1979 (2003).

Nanolayer Characterization through Wavelength Multiplexing a Microsphere Resonator. M. Noto, F. Vollmer, D. Keng, I. Teraoka, S. Arnold, Opt. Lett. 30, 510-512 (2005).



(ii) Other Significant Publications

Polymer Solutions: An Introduction to Physical Properties, I. Teraoka, John Wiley (2002). http://www.wiley.com/cda/product/0,,0471389293,00.html

Comparison of Partitioning of a Bimodal Polymer Mixture into Micropores in Good and Theta Solvents. A Monte Carlo Study. P. Cifra, Y. Wang, I. Teraoka, Macromolecules 35, 1146-1450 (2002).

High Osmotic Pressure Chromatography for Large-Scale Fractionation of Polymers. M. Luo, I. Teraoka, Macromolecules, 29, 4226-4233 (1996).

Phase Fluctuation Chromatography for Large-Scale Separation of Poly(styrene-co-acrylonitrile) by Chemical Composition. Y. Xu, I. Teraoka, Macromolecules, 31, 4143-4148 (1998).


Synergetic Activities

Developed high osmotic pressure chromatography (HOPC; US Patent 5,587,082; 1996). HOPC combines properties specific to semidilute polymer solutions with size exclusion principle. It started as a high-capacity preparative separation method of polymer in good solvent. Recently, it has expanded into theta condition as computer simulation results obtained in international collaboration indicated so. Separation experiments proved it is the case. As a sibling, separation by chemical composition was also demonstrated for random copolymers and block copolymers. The activities resulted in many journal papers and a few book chapters.


Wrote a textbook on polymer solutions (2002). Teraoka tried to make it useful both for entry-level graduate students and analytical chemists in industry. Some of the contents, although they cover fundamental polymer science, are new to the field.

Collaborated with S. Arnold in the projects on microsphere photonic resonance. The projects involve fundamental photonics studies in experiments and theories and sensor applications. Teraoka is currently engaged mostly in theoretical studies on resonance, sensing, and fiber-sphere coupling.


Developed online chemistry courses for liquid chromatography and colloid chemistry.



Collaborators and Other Affiliations

(i) Collaborators and Co-Editors

S. Arnold (Polytechnic University)

D. Berek, P. Cifra, T. Bleha (Slovak Academy of Sciences, Slovak Republic)

Y. Kimura (Kyoto Institute of Technology)

Y. Wang (North Carolina A&T State University)


(ii) Graduate and Postgraduate Advisors

R. Hayakawa (University of Tokyo)

D. Y. Yoon (IBM Almaden Research Center, currently at Seoul National University)

F. E. Karasz (University of Massachusetts)


(iii) Thesis Advisor and Postgraduate-Scholar Sponsor

C. Hayes (current; part time), M. Noto (current), D. Lee (Col. St. Mines), Y. Gelfand (Mt. Sinai), Y. Shcherbakov (CUNY), H. Zheng, B. Zhao (Siemens), Y. Xu (Ethicon), J. Zhang (current)

Total number of graduate students (7); total number of postdoctoral scholars (1).