David Keng


    Bio-Medical Engineering. M.S. Polytechnic University, In progress
        Concentration: Instrumentation
            Microfluidic system implementation for virus detection applications

    Electrical Engineering. B.S. Polytechnic University, 2005
        Concentration: Feedback control
            Feedback system for photonic atom using lock-in technique

Relevant Experience

    MP3L, 2002 to present, research assistant and MS student
    NASA G.R.C., 2004 summer, visiting student, technology transfer

System Developed (June, 2005 - Jan, 2007)
I designed, prototyped, machined, programmed, and maintained the following system relevant to the published work.

    Automatic microsphere maker (Aug, 2005 - Sep, 2005)
            Produce micron-precision microsphere
            10 micron tolerance, higher tolerance not necessary
            Over 600 microsphere have been manufactured so far using this system
            PIC microcontroller based embedded system
            Long term storage solution

    Automatic asymmetric fiber puller (Oct, 2005 - Dec, 2005)
            Produce robust, low attenuation, and inexpensive micron-precision waveguide
            Real time CCD video monitoring for quality control
            Integrated fiber micron-precision anchoring mechanism for applications
            Over 150 waveguides have been manufactured so far using this system
            Parallex microcontroller based embedded system
            Long term storage solution

    Photonic atom microfluidic chips process (Jan, 2006 - Apr, 2006)
            Produce disposable micron-precision single layer microfluidic devices
            Master and molding based technique using bio-compatible polymers
            8 hours turn-around time from CAD designing to final product
            Over 30 designs, and over 200 chips have been manufactured so far using this process

    Photonic atom microfluidic sensing system for bio-molecule studies (June, 2005 - Sept, 2006)
            Low noise platform for various bio-molecule detection
            Real time data acquisition, signal processing, feedback control, data logging, and result analyzing
            LabVIEW full hardware control and graphic user interface
            sub pico-meter optical measurement precision
            In progress, not yet published

Sub-system developed (June, 2005 - Jan., 2007)
I designed, prototyped, machined, programmed, and maintained the following sub-system relavent to the published or lab work.

    Automatic Static Distributed Feedback Laser characterization system (Aug, 2005)
            Identify DFB laser characteristics
            LabVIEW controlled ILX laser diode controller, and Michelson Interferometer via USB/GPIB
            Measures DFB output wavelength / current, temperature relationship
            pico-meter precision

    Automatic microsphere size measurement (Apr, 2006)
            Micron-precision quality control for the automatic microsphere maker
            Custom designed microscope fitted with USB webcam
            LabVIEW imaging process system automatically identify and measure the size of the microsphere
    Programmable syringe pump system (May, 2006)
            Custom modified syringe pumps
            Custom tubing and valve work for parallel sample preparation
            LabVIEW controlled parallel port direct stepper motor control
            Programmable pump control with graphic user interface
    Automatic report system (June, 2006)
            Automatic analyzing the experimental data and generate PDF format report for printing 

    Automatic Dynamic DFB laser characterization system (Nov, 2006 - Present)
            Identify DFB laser characteristics in real time
            sub pico-meter precision

            The new MP3L web page, www.mp3l.org (Oct 2005 - Present)
            In progress, not yet published

Technical Skills

            Feedback control
            Embedded system, PIC microcontroller
            Electromechanical devices design and prototyping
            National Instrument DAQ Card
            System automation
            Various electronics measurement system
            Knowledge of various manufacturing process

            Distributed Feedback Laser application
            Single mode optical fiber devices
            Various optical measurement system

            Milling machine
            Drill press
            Knowledge of various manufacturing process

    LabVIEW v6.1 - 5 years
            Real time DAQ
            GPIB, parallel, serial port interfacing
            Signal processing
            Feedback control
            Imaging processing

    ASP 2.0 - 1 year
            Web based guest book
            Web based server side automatic email system
            Web based server side file uploading, handling, and re-editable tagging system

    BobCAD v2.0 - 1 year
            CAD Design
            CNC programming, G-code generation

Other Skills