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Complete Research Student List



S. Aladakomo

Triplet Exciton Diffusion and Double Photon Absorption in Tetracene,
NYU, September,1975-September, 1976

M. El-Hamamsey

Photoemission in a Millikan Chamber, NYU

M. Lewittes

Photophoretic Spectroscopy and Radiometric
Levitation, PINY, November,1980-November,1981

M. Neuman

Molecular Spectroscopy of a Single Aerosol
Particle, PINY, November, 1982-November, 1983

J. Khasrofian

Infrared Spectroscopy of a Single Reactive Aerosol
Particle,PINY,July,1985- February,1986

L.M. Folan

Microparticle Photophysics

J. Li   

Aerosol Particle Microphotography and Spectroscopy
Polytechnic University, Sept., 1993 - June, 1994

Ali Serpenguzel

Microparticle Holeburning Spectroscopy
Polytechnic University, Feb., 1994- Feb.,1995

Jason Guan

Photonic Atom Spectroscopy



PH. D.

H.T. Hu

Exciton Sounding of Heavy Ion Induced Radicals in Anthracene
NYU, June, 1980
(This Student was Co-Supervised with M. Pope)

L.M. Folan

Microparticle Fluorimetry and Energy Transfer
Polytechnic Institute of New York, Sept,1986

G.S. Grader

Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy of a Single Aerosol Particle
California Institute of Technology, Pasadena, CA., December, 1987
(Student was Co-Supervised with J.H. Sienfeld and R.C. Flagan)

N. Hessel

Levitation Based Electrometer for Experiments on Microparticle       
Photoemission: Determination of the Ionization Potential of Polymeric  Materials, and Photoemission from Spherical Microparticles,
Polytechnic University, June, 1991.

A. Ghaemi

The Characterization of an Isolated Cluster of Microparticles by Light Scattering  Using Morphological Resonances Optical Spectroscopy,
Polytechnic University, Jan, 1995

H. Na

Cluster Formation and Nucleation in Highly Supersaturated Droplets
Polytechnic University. June, 1993
(Student Co-Supervised with A. S. Myerson)

M. Khoshsima

Perturbation of Whispering Gallery Modes in Microspheres by
Protein Adsorption, Polytechnic University, Jan, 2004

F. Vollmer

Resonant Detection of Nano to Microscopic Objects Using Whispering
Gallery Modes
Rockefeller University, June, 2004
(Student was co-supervised with A. Libchaber)

M. Noto

Surface interaction, polarization and molecular
weight effects for a whispering gallery mode sensor
Polytechnic University, June, 2005




N. Hassan

Triplet Exciton Lifetime Under Pressure in "PureAnthracene"
(Published paper, No written Thesis)

E.K. Murphy

Microparticle Molecular Spectroscopy
Polytechnic University, June, 1988
(Published paper, Thesis in the Department of Chemistry)

T. O'Keefe

Optical Bistability of an Aqueous Aerosol Particle Detected through
Light Scattering: Theory and Experiment,
June, 1989 (Published paper, No written Thesis)

D. Spock

Electric Field Modulated Light Scattering Near a Morphological
Resonance of a Trapped Aerosol Particle
June, 1990 (Published paper, No written Thesis)

N.L. Goddard

Inelastic Scattering from Microparticles: Fluorescence Microscopy
and Spectroscopy of Oriented Molecules within  a Levitated Microdroplet
Polytechnic University, June, 1998
(Published papers(5), Thesis in the Department of Chemistry)

H Yukawa

Microcavity effect of dyes adsorbed on a levitated droplet
University of Tokyo, June, 1998
(Published paper and  thesis in applied physics)
(Thesis  co-supervised  with Prof. K. Miyano of Tokyo University)




Al Alza

Photophoretic Spectrometer
PINY September, 1978- September, 1979 (Army, Ft. Monmouth)

Mary Ma

Size Dependence of the Photophoretic Force
PINY September, 1978- September, 1979 (Bell Labs)

Marion Kroan

Design and Construction of a Vacuum Holographic
Spectrometer, PINY September,1979-May,1980.

Dan Grigore 1

Design and Construction of a Multichannel Scalar for
Luminescence Lifetime Measurements
PINY, September,1980 - May,1981.

Tom Scaleses

Optical Bistability of a Microparticle
June, 1986-Sept.,1986 (NYU Graduate School, Physics)

Derek Spock

A Levitation Based Photon Counter
June, 1988-June, 1989 (Raytheon, Quantum Optics)

Clifton T. Liu 2

The Lifetime of an Atom within a Dielectric Cage
Sept, 1989-June, 1990 (Columbia Gradiate School, Applied Physics))

Piers Hendrie 3

Ultra-rapid Electro-optically tuned Dye Laser Resonator
Sept, 1990-June,1991, (IBM, Dallas)

Yuri Khovov

Stochastic Fluctuations and Imaging of a Microparticle in an
Feb, 1992-> June, 1993

Jeff Smith 4

A Parametric Roadway: A rolling model for parametric
amplification and trapping.
Jan., 1993-> June, 1993

Steve Holler 5

Squeezed Imaging in a Paul Trap.
June, 1993->June,1995 (Yale Graduate School)

William F. Auffermann 7

Fluorescence Imaging of a Levitated Aerosol Particle in a Paul Trap.
June, 1993->June, 1995 (U. Minnesota MD/PhD program)

Noel L. Goddard

Surface Fluorescence Microscopy and Spectroscopy of
a Levitated Microdroplet
June, 1996-> June, 1997 (Rockefeller University, BioPhysics)

Matthew Walsh

Particle Dynamics and Trapping of Charged Particles in a
Square Wave-driven Paul Trap
Dec., 1998->June, 2000

Mark Khusid 8

Microsphere Photonics: Engineering the World’s Smallest hi-Q
Spectrometer (Army, Ft. Monmouth, Optics)
June, 1999->June 2000

David Keng

Ultrasensitive Detection of Bio-molecule adsorption by active
locking of a DFB laser to a Whispering Gallery Mode of a
Microsphere (Polytechnic Bio-Engineering)
June, 2003->June 2005

Ophir Gaathon 9

Enhancement of Whispering Gallery Mode Biosensors Sensitivity
by Nanolayer Confinement
June, 2004->June 2006

1.   D. Grigore's project won the 1981 Electrical Engineering Department
      Senior Award
2 .  C. T. Liu's project won the 1990 Sigma Xi Award for undergraduate research.
3.   P. Hendrie's project won the 1991 Sigma Xi Award for undergraduate research.
      and the Rosenthal Award in Electrical Engineering
4.   J. Smith's project won the 1993 Sigma Xi Award for undergraduate research.
5.   S. Holler's project won the 1994 Sigma Xi Award for undergraduate research.
7.  W.F. Auffermann won the 1995 Sigma Xi Award for undergraduate research.
8.  M. Khusid’s project won the 1999 Best Junior Undergraduate Project (NSF)
9.  O. Gaathon's project won the 2006 Electrical Engineering Senior Award.