Excitation of resonances of microspheres on an optical fiber
A. Serpengüzel, S. Arnold and G. Griffel
Opt. Lett 20, 654 (1995)

Morphology-dependent resonances (MDRs) of solid microspheres are excited by using an optical fiber coupler. The narrowest measured MDR linewidths are limited by the excitation laser linewidth (<0.025 nm). Only MDRs with an on-resonance to off-resonance intensity ratio of 104, contribute to scattering. The intensity of various resonance orders is understood by the localization principle and the recently developed generalized Lorentz-Mie theory. The microsphere fiber system has potential for becoming a building block in dispersive microphotonics. The basic physics underlying our approach may be considered a harbinger for the coupling of active photonic microstructures such as microdisk lasers.